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  • DYNO-MITE DYNAMOMETER FACTORY:Land & Sea's international corporate headquarters in Concord, NH USA
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DYNO-mite Dynamometer manufactures affordable chassis dyno & engine dynamometer systems – for automotive, bike, diesel, kart, marine, motorcycle, outboard, PWC, snowmobile, tractor (PTO), or truck dynometer testing.

"DYNO-mite dynamometers and dyne data acquisition for over 38 years!"

DYNO-mite engine dynamometer examples: high horsepower docking station dyno test systems, precision research engine dynamometers, diesel dynos, and other dynometers. For your test-cell’s engine dynometer – click dyno-mite engine dynamometer.

DYNOmite chassis dyno examples: AWD (2,500+ horsepower) eddy-current chassis dynamometer (or axle-hub dynos), ATV-bike dynos, rolling road dynes (auto, kart, motorcycle, or truck), and sled track-dyno. For your shop’s chassis dynamometer – click dyno-mite bike dynamometer, dyno-mite chassis dyno, or truck dynamometer.

Industrial dynamometers include: AC (motoring) drive dynamometer systems, air-cooled or liquid-cooled eddy-current absorbers (for educational, laboratory, OEM, or research testing facilities), and diesel water-brake (hydraulic) absorbers – for examples, click diesel-engine dynamometers.

Manufacturing more types of dynamite dynometer systems and dynamometer accessories than any other company... in the world. Products include: outboard, marine, or pwc prop-shaft hydraulic dynos, kart, RC, and snowmobile dynamometer kits, tractor-PTO trailer and towing (drag) dynamometers, plus do-it-yourself dyno plans and used dynes – call 1-603-226-DYNO or request FREE DYNO-mite Dynamometer catalog.